VIC 20 Serial number WGA 11665

This VIC is owned by Clausj and located in Denmark.
It was added to the registry on March 30, 2023.

Made in West Germany
Made in West Germany in Braunschweig for the German market.

Used in Europe and Australia: laminated cardboard, with colourful VIC 20 logo.

Tall case with four rows of ventilation slats on the bottom case, no bevel on the rear ports in the top case.

Motherboard assembly number (assy)
250403: Complete redesign of the motherboard with less components. Fabrication number 251040-01.

Early keyboard adapted from the PET computers. The font on the keycaps was Microgramma.

TV system
PAL - Television standard used in European and Australian VICs (VIC IC 6561)

Date code